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Business Development Manager, Northwest

Responsibilities include:

  • Develop and implement a regional annual sales plan for the territory

  • Develop and implement sales plans for key accounts using a customized approach to address the specific needs of each reseller

  • Strengthen relationships and achieve growth with key preferred accounts through regular contact and informative updates with respect to their productivity and progress

  • Designs, proposes, negotiates and, upon approval, implements the sales plan and commercial agreements for the designated region so as to achieve sales targets

Director of Sales, Northwest

Responsibilities include:

  • Support, strengthen, build, and maintain relationships with our travel agency partners and designated top accounts.

  • Negotiate travel agency partner agreements and co-op budgets.

  • Account management, including ongoing communications via phone calls, email and traveling to agencies to promote the company’s current offers to meet revenue goals.

  • Create targeted promotional efforts against tactical needs.

  • Prepare and assist travel agencies with sales and marketing plans for group and individual business.

  • Provide timely services: account planning, promotional offers, product presentations, co-op budgeting.

Travel Specialist

Responsibilities include:

  • Initial consultation to gain insights into the client and their needs to prepare an itinerary, trip quote & planning deposit

  • Educate clients on product and basic travel knowledge for destinations

  • Create proposal, build detailed day-by-day itinerary with suggested inclusions to coincide with their personalized proposal

  • Work with client directly to make changes, adjustments, and alter the presented proposal as needed while reviewing and managing objections

  • Determine price and regulate overall margin based on company standards

Product and Procurement Specialist

Responsibilities include:

  • Composes a costing for each client lead/quote, usually a combination of Excel and our operating system

  • Creates a pattern or structured format for each itinerary/ request

  • Composes pricing to be sent to client as our proposal

  • Requests initial rate and availability with hotels

  • Completes contracting with suppliers for hotels, transportation, attractions etc.

  • Creates and maintains database of supplier partners

  • Gathers, organizes and retains product information for best use and future requests

  • Assists with monitoring sales and yield management, optimizing allocations with suppliers

Operations & Air Executive

Responsibilities include:

  • Execute group tour packages that include airline ticketing, mid-level contracting, itinerary planning, liaising with clients, quality control, and communicating with suppliers 

  • Review all contracts in detail before acceptance, because an error will be costly

  • Create accurate operational data in company's Operating Systems

  • Create and manage plans and processes to ensure business is supported and improved; review, document, and implement company practices to manage costs consistently

  • Develop, analyze, and communicate operational metrics to quantify performance

Tailor Made Travel Consultant

Responsibilities include:

  • Design, pricing, and sale of itineraries that are tailored to meet guest requirements and expectations. 

  • Evaluate pricing received from destination management companies (DMCs)

  • Demonstrate competency of destination knowledge 

  • Meet or exceed established company service standards

  • Maximize conversions by following up on Quote Pending bookings

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